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On Your Face lyrics


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     On Your Face
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        Ain't it funny that the way you feel,
    shows on your face-
    and no matter,how you try to hide it'll state your case-
    Now a frown will bring your Sprits down to the ground
    And never let you see, the Good things all around-
    Everytime we seem to let
    Our feelings show, our luck-
    run out and the wind Won't blow-
    But, that can't make me
    That can't make me sad
    Cause, I've been there Before
    Don't wanna go no more-
    Sadness bears no remedy, for the problems in your life
    Won't disappear- This world can't shake me
    Bad times can't make me sad
    Ole world can't take me
    Won't let it drive me mad
    While you run your race
    keep a smilin' face-
    Help you set your pace
    Life is on your case
    Wish upon a sunnyday, it'll turn to rain-
    Use the sunshine in your heart, to ease the pain-
    We wonder, how your attitude is going down-
    Is it wakin' and shakin' and safe and sound-
    Everytime we seem, let our feelings flo-
    Our luck runs out.
    And the wind won't blow.
    You can't shake me, the way I feel today.
    Come tomorrow I'll feel the same way
    Wake me! My heart us feeling Glad-
    I'll take you with me When you're feelin' bad-
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